Atlanta MLS 2017: Brand Concept

In April of 2014, Atlanta was announced as the next Major League Soccer franchise. I decided to try my hand at creating an identity for the new club.

The colors had already been established as red and black with small touches of gold.

A phoenix was the first visual cue to form the Atlanta MLS crest. For those unfamiliar, Atlanta was burned to the ground in the Civil War and a phoenix is seen on both the city seal and flag. There’s even a statue in a downtown park symbolizing Atlanta rising from the ashes.

Atlanta is also famous for hosting the 1996 Centennial Olympic games. The logo for the Centennial games featured a flaming torch. The pride of being an Olympic host is unique to few cities across the world and was a turning point for Atlanta becoming a global city. What better way to recognize Atlanta’s sporting history than to use the phoenix rising from the flames of the Olympics?

The crest takes the familiar football roundel shape and is made unique with the outline of the outstretched wings of the phoenix. Color balance focuses primarily on red and black and uses minimal touches of gold for contrast.

A crest should be powerful and symbolic. It should be able to visually communicate a message with few words.


Atlanta Football Club.

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